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Enjoy a Smooth Recovery with In-Home Post Surgical Care

When treatment or surgery is required for an elderly parent or loved one, there is a lot to think about. Considering there is always the risk for rehospitalization, it is important to arrange post-surgical care from a CNA or qualified professional to ensure their needs are met. This reduces the risk of complications and ensures a smooth recovery.

  • So, what is in-home post surgical care?

Post-surgery care is care provided to a patient after a procedure. This may include assistance with mobility, medication reminders, or meal preparation. After your loved one is discharged from the hospital, a home care provider can help arrange post-surgical care depending on your loved one’s needs.

  • What is included in post surgical care?

Post surgical care includes personal care to assist the patient with bathing, grooming, dressing, and toileting. A skilled nurse may also assist with medication management to prevent interactions and manage pain and other symptoms.

An in-home caregiver will assist with meal preparation to provide a well-balanced diet to facilitate healing. Some providers of home care in Columbus, Georgia may also offer non-medical transportation to doctor’s appointments, the pharmacy, and more.

With post-op care, there are reduced post-operative risks and complications. Most complications usually stem from the patient pushing themselves too hard after surgery. With post-op care, they receive support and assistance, to avoid putting themselves at risk. This allows the body time to heal appropriately without neglecting their needs.

CAREvity LLC Private In-Home Supportive Care is a provider of private in-home care in Georgia. To provide care, we offer post surgical services to ensure a faster and more comfortable recovery in the comfort of your home. Let our competent staff provide the support you need as you recover – set an appointment with us.

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