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Signs It’s Time to Arrange Home Care

Signs It’s Time to Arrange Home Care

During the pandemic, many families found themselves separated from their loved ones and now that we are reuniting with family and friends, it can be startling to see how much has changed. For elderly family members, they may be exhibiting changes that are concerning. In this case, it may be time to consider arranging private in-home care in Georgia.

Here, we discuss the warning signs that indicate the need to arrange in-home care:

  • Behavioral Changes

    These changes may come in the form of bounced checks, stacks of unopened mail, or late bill payments. Your elderly loved one may also have an unkempt home or may be keeping expired groceries. Perhaps they have lost interest in their favorite activities or changed their sleeping patterns that lead to increased agitation and severe mood swings.

  • Cognitive Changes

    Cognitive decline is marked by a loss of reasoning skills and general confusion. While forgetting every now and then is normal, frequent forgetfulness is not a healthy part of aging. Missed medications and getting lost in a familiar environment are signs your loved one may be experiencing memory loss or a more serious decline that requires home care services.

  • Physical Changes

    Difficulty eating can result in unhealthy weight loss. This may be a sign your loved one is having difficulty preparing meals. Seniors may also have difficulty with mobility and maintaining their hygiene routines. In addition to a CNA, home care agencies have in-home caregivers that can assist with personal care and mobility to ensure comfort and safety.

CAREvity LLC Private In-Home Supportive Care is a well-established provider of home care in Columbus, Georgia. We offer services that include personal care, skilled nursing, and more to meet your loved one’s needs. Contact us for more information about our services.

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