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Making Your Home a Safer Place

Making Your Home a Safer Place

How confident are you that your loved ones feel and are safe in your or their home? When we get older or develop a condition that holds us back from living our everyday lives, even our home becomes an uncomfortable place. We all need a safe space and others may need it more. And since safety starts at home, creating a clean and safe place at home is crucial. Here are some of the ways we use as a provider of Private In-Home Care in Georgia to make your loved one’s home safer:

  • Keep your home properly lit.

    Our experts at CAREvity LLC Private In-Home Supportive Care highly recommend keeping common areas and hallways well-lit. Improve lighting by installing lights on stairs and curbs and fixing light fixtures when necessary.

  • Organize your furniture and other belongings.

    Make sure that none of your furniture or personal belongings are blocking your loved one’s way. Our Certified Nursing Assistant highly suggests clearing your floor of any sharp and rolling objects as they may cause accidents. It’s also best to ensure that your furniture are in prime condition and have them replaced or fixed if otherwise.

  • Install safety home appliances.

    Our CNA and caregivers suggest home appliances like non-slip mats, elevated toilet seats, smoke detectors, fire alarms, and medical alert devices to make your home more accessible and safer for your loved ones.

As a Home Care in Columbus, Georgia, we have carefully selected experts who can provide 24/7 Care and specialized Dementia Care for your loved ones. Set an appointment with us today!

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