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Bad Hygiene Habits You Should Avoid

Bad Hygiene Habits You Should Avoid

Most people see maintaining personal hygiene as just a way of life. In other words, it’s just a normal part of our everyday life, and it’s no big deal if we skip a shower, forget to brush our teeth, or not wash our hair for days. Having bad hygiene can compromise our overall health. That is why we need to be meticulous when it comes to our Personal Care tasks.

Here are some bad hygiene habits that you should avoid:

  • Sharing your toothbrush, razor, or hairbrush and reusing towels.
  • Rarely showering or bathing and going to bed with your makeup on.
  • Irregular brushing or flossing your teeth and infrequently washing your bedding.
  • Leaving your contact lenses in for days and not washing your undergarments daily.
  • Reusing a water bottle without washing it and using your kitchen sponge for too long.

However, if you are a senior or an individual with a disability who is having a hard time doing your hygiene tasks, then this should be the perfect time for you to avail services like Home Care in Columbus, Georgia.

When it comes to lending you an extra pair of helping hands, we at CAREvity LLC Private In-Home Supportive Care, a reliable provider of Private In-Home Care in Georgia, are always ready to assist you.

A compassionate and skilled caregiver or CNA who can support you whenever you need it. Please feel free to give us a call if you wish to know more about our services.

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