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Making It Easier for You to Take a Break

Making It Easier for You to Take a Break

A certified nursing assistant can also get exhausted and stressed at their daily challenges in terms of looking after their patients.

However, some CNA resist the advice to take a break and take advantage of respite care even when they have access to help. That’s because many people feel guilty about stepping away, even for a short time, or feel uncomfortable bringing a stranger into the house.

As a reliable provider of private in-home care in Georgia, here are ways to make it easier to get some well-deserved rest and take time away from caregiving:

  • Expect to feel guilty.

    You will always feel guilty when you care for someone. However, don’t allow this to prevent you from getting the assistance you need. To keep your health and your ability to care for others, take regular breaks.

  • Don’t seek permission from the patient.

    This isn’t a choice for your patient. Many seniors resist outside help because they are uncomfortable with it. Dementia patients lack the cognitive ability to make reasoned decisions.

  • Check in to make sure your loved one is safe.

    You may be hesitant to leave your loved one with a stranger or a relative with limited expertise. Use simple, subtle ways to keep an eye on them and ensure they treat your older adult well to give yourself peace of mind.

At CAREvity LLC Private In-Home Supportive Care, we strive to impact and touch the lives of our clients and their families with our home care in Columbus, Georgia.

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