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Music Therapy and Postoperative Health


Proper postoperative care can lead to positive results, such as a quicker turnaround in healing. As such, receiving care and support from a professional certified nursing assistant is a great way to get back on your feet in no time. With the help of CAREvity LLC Private In-Home Supportive Care’s post-op care, we can provide timely and prompt assistance with ambulation and transfers, as well as other needs like nutrition and personal care.

But did you know that music therapy is also a great way to manage postoperative pain and stress?

According to a thesis from Georgia Southern University, “there is consistent evidence to suggest music decreases perceived pain in postoperative patients undergoing nasal septal surgery, open heart surgery, total knee replacement surgery, and general orthopedic surgeries requiring hospitalization.”

Harvard Health also shares that music plays a vital role in reducing stress among patients receiving surgery. One case of this is found in a study observing ten critically ill postoperative patients, which reported that music can reduce the stress response even when patients are not conscious.

Additionally, listening to music helps lower anxiety levels and requires less analgesic medication. When providing music therapy, our private in-home care in Georgia can help clients choose calm, mellow songs or the patient’s favorite music.

If you or a loved one require skilled care after your operation, feel free to get in touch with our home care in Columbus, Georgia. With the help of your physician and by assessing your needs, we can help you prepare a care plan that can expedite healing.

Our team will partner you with a professional and qualified CNA who can meet your needs and perform care duties with ease. For more details, get in touch!

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