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Healthy Habits to Promote Recovery After Surgery


Recovering from surgery should not be difficult, but it will need some time, work, and drive to return to your normal activities. CAREvity LLC Private In-Home Supportive Care is here to help through our private in-home care in Georgia and would love to accompany you on your recovery journey. Follow this post-surgery advice to make sure you are doing everything you can do to help your body heal.

  • Listen to the advice of your specialist.

    To avoid infection, make sure you follow all of the aftercare guidelines. But if you can’t understand something, ask your doctor or CNA for clarification.

  • Keep your follow-up appointments.

    A follow-up appointment may seem unnecessary if you are feeling well and your wound is healing properly. Your doctors, however, will want to know how you are doing and make sure your wound is healing appropriately. If you need help with ambulation and transfers, our caregivers can help you.

  • Keep pain under control.

    By making your pain acceptable, you will be able to keep moving and speed up the healing process. Good pain management can also make it much easier to sleep, which aids recovery.

  • Maintain a nutritious diet.

    Staying hydrated and eating a balanced diet can boost healing and help reduce problems. Stick to your food plan if you have a recommended particular post-surgery diet.

  • Get moving, but do not overdo it.

    Light movement can help reduce issues such as blood clots and constipation. Remember to avoid straining your body before it is ready, so do not force yourself to get up and go about before it is time.

Enlist home care in Columbus, Georgia now. if you believe you may need assistance getting your body back up and running after surgery. We provide personal care to anyone.

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